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Website Design.

We can design your ideas and bring them to life. From a simple to a complex one or anything in between.

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Personalized Email Addresses.

With every website designed by us you get your own personalized email address. Create a professional and consistent look. Give out an email address that matches your Website/Company.


We can create eStore so you can start selling online. Take payments via: Card and Other online Payments

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Online Adds.

Increase your customer and sales base by advertising your business on the largest search platforms. Google and Microsoft Bing. We can create and manage your ads.

Customer Sites Made by Us.

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SM-K9 Dog Training

Professional Mobile Dog Training service that specializes in Behavioural & Obedience Issues.

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K Sewing Machines

30+ years of Experience Repairing, Servicing and Supplying: Sewing Machines and other related products for Factories, Shops and Home

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